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Rod Lucas's Radio Presenter Training Courses can be done face to face or online. Radio Training Online is designed mainly for people who live outside the UK or unable to attend for any reason.

All radio courses are 1 to 1, designed around your needs and requirements in both radio presentation and production. Beginners are advised to take the 3 Day Basic Radio Training Course.


1 Day Face to Face - One to One Radio Training £350 (no VAT to pay)

2 Day Face to Face - One to One Radio Training £700 (no VAT to pay)

3 Day Face to Face - One to One Radio Training £1050 (no VAT to pay)

Core 1: For beginners that have no technical or radio presentation experience.

Core 2: For those with limited radio experience and who want to move on.

Core 3: For fully and semi-professional broadcasters wanting an advanced training course.

Book a radio broadcast training course email here All radio presenter & DJ radio courses begin at 9.45am and finish at 3.00pm. All radio school clients get a Radio Demo and Full Personal School Report. If you pass your Radio Course - you'll receive a RPT Diploma, useful for applying to stations as it'll show your aptitude & skills as assessed by your radio coach Rod Lucas - See below.

Join Rod Lucas and get to grips with his radio studio while learning how to use broadcast software. Find out how to make exciting radio with your personality, learn from a Sony Academy award winner with a proven track record in British broadcasting.

What we teach you

Basic Radio Presenter Training Broadcast Diploma

You'll need to earn 65 points or more in your radio course in order to pass and gain a Radio School Certificate of Excellence. Points are awarded in all sections of each course. In total a maximum of 100 points can be awarded.

80% and above - Pass with distinction. Shows exceptional learning abilities and can demonstrate all basic essential skills required. Shows great progress in what's been taught. A mark of 80% or higher is awarded when a candidate satisfies the requirements for a distinction, but only to an outstanding degree.

65/80% - Pass A good satisfactory pass, displays good radio course progress and student is able to demonstrate an understanding of the basic issues required.

See if you're cut out for radio presenting, you may wish to have a personal 1 to 1 Radio Presenter Assessment & Consultation Hour.
Radio Presenter assessments & appraisals can be done on the phone or online, for more, go here and get into radio. Radio Presenting, Radio Production.

Online Radio Training Courses including Podcasts

All training sessions can be booked at any time to suit your own situation. Each training session runs 1 hour and costs £85 (no vat to pay)

E mail for prices per hour if outside UK. You'll also receive "home work" after each session to enhance your presentation and technique. All courses are personally designed around you. They can be booked as and when you wish. PAY AS YOU GO (as and when you can) for each training session. Please tell us the kind of presentation/production work you most want to do.

Our Radio Training Courses are for beginners up to advanced levels. Your Personal Trainer is Rod Lucas with over 45 years professional radio experience in both BBC and commercial sectors. He's British and based in England.

During your online training you'll present mini programme announcements and production elements with music. If you're a beginner you'll be sent relevant scripts, including traffic, news, weather, requests and an advert/commercials to read. You'll present some ad lib announcements and play music (which we'll play in from this end). This kind of mini show forms part of your basic training, which you'll find fun, informative & challenging. Who knows it might even reveal more about your personality and communication skills then you first thought!

We'll then work on many areas of interviewing, news, phone ins, music presentation, production. promos, jingle making and voice tracking (ideal if you don't have radio broadcast equipment). It means you can record programme announcements for different stations around the world, without playing a single song. All other radio training aspects will be covered too. Rod Lucas also specializes in Radio News and Current Affairs Training. Talk Radio training is also given. Learn how to make quality news packages & talk formats including podcasts.

Rod Lucas's training can be conducted on the phone or online from anywhere in the world. You would greatly benefit from having a microphone attached to your computer. The microphone does not need to be expensive and can be purchased quite cheaply. This then enables you to speak via Skype etc.

If you've got this far we guess you're keen so let's move you on. This would make a great gift for you from someone close. Tell them about it.


You may wish to have a Radio Presenter Assessment & personal 1 to 1 consultation which will allow you to have a "taster" of presenting before committing to a full Radio DJ Presenter training course. £150 no vat.

If you're a beginner we'll give you an honest and professional opinion on your radio presenting flair, style and delivery. Rod Lucas will establish if you're in with a good chance of getting into radio and he'll also give you a good idea of what you can expect in the profession.


All our Radio Presenter Training Courses are designed for people at all levels of radio. Those who've never presented radio and radio presenters wanting to improve their style, presentation & production ideas and unique content.